Actually, I don’t really like spaceships for whatever that might conjure in one’s mind, and I’ve never thought to myself, “Dang, why haven’t I been sucked up into space by a bunch of UFO in their flying saucer yet?” (I did like the movie, Space Camp, when I was a kid, but I’d much prefer to sit on this big rock we call Earth and stare at the stars rather than try to get up close to them).


Have I also mentioned that I’m not a super fan of heights?

BUT, I do find myself drawn to the shape of flying saucers – or at least after the fact. It’s amazing what you find out about yourself in retrospect. You start looking at the things you’ve made and you’re like, “Hell, there’s a theme I wasn’t aware of.” Anyway, last fall I started playing with different shapes in the bowls I was turning, and one thing I kept going back to was my version(s) of the flying saucer.

My first foray into saucerland was with Claire. She was a cherry burl bowl that is now living in Minnesota. I miss her but am glad she’s happy.

Other flying saucer-y bowls include Maude, who went to a good home in Chicago, and my more recent creations Tallulah and Gwen


and you can even see the them in platters/large serving dishes like Elise and Myrina.

Elise, a box elder hand turned wood serving dish by Tanya Faberson

Myrina, wood serving bowl by Tanya Faberson

Aside from pondering my relationship with wooden vessels that look like flying saucers, Lori and I have been really busy lately getting ready for a few shows. Mayfest Arts Fair in Lexintgon, Kentucky, is coming up in a few weeks (May 12th & 13th at Gratz Park), and the 18th Annual Art in the Garden event in Augusta, Kentucky, on Saturday, June 2nd. We’re going to be presenting a bunch of new stuff, including some of the flying saucer bowls/serving dishes shown above. We hope to see you at one of these shows, and if not, we have a few things lined up for later in the year. Thanks for stopping by!