I used to be an avid runner years ago (hard to believe these days, but yes, it’s true). I ran constantly, obsessively, and I’d even dream about it. I frequently entered competitions and felt like a total bad ass when I placed in my age category and was overly hard on myself when I didn’t (don’t worry, my eyes are rolling AT MYSELF right now). Not sure all of that constant running was healthy to begin with, but then injuries and life got in the way, and probably thankfully, that obsession ended (after several years of guilt that I wasn’t running obsessively anymore).


This is me during a half marathon in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2013. It was a good day to be obsessed with running. (As an added bonus, since the race was in Downtown Louisville, I got to run past some of the sites I had excavated previously. By then they were under concrete, buildings, and asphalt — but hey, the memories are cool!)

Anyway, I realized the other day that woodturning is not an obsession in the way that running was (note to all: passions are good, obsessions not so much), but there is a connection between the two. Read More