Actually, I don’t really like spaceships for whatever that might conjure in one’s mind, and I’ve never thought to myself, “Dang, why haven’t I been sucked up into space by a bunch of UFO in their flying saucer yet?” (I did like the movie, Space Camp, when I was a kid, but I’d much prefer to sit on this big rock we call Earth and stare at the stars rather than try to get up close to them).


Have I also mentioned that I’m not a super fan of heights?

BUT, I do find myself drawn to the shape of flying saucers – or at least after the fact. It’s amazing what you find out about yourself in retrospect. You start looking at the things you’ve made and you’re like, “Hell, there’s a theme I wasn’t aware of.” Anyway, last fall I started playing with different shapes in the bowls I was turning, and one thing I kept going back to was my version(s) of the flying saucer.
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